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October 14, 2016

For someone who laughs at most horror movies, my recent experience with my Bayantel subscription has undoubtedly surpassed any horror stories I’ve come to know. Halloween is coming and it’s very timely that they sucked up BIG TIME this time. I would try my best to collect myself while writing this post as to somehow not sound mostly ranting.

A little background: I’ve been working from home for two years now and my line of work requires fast and stable internet connection. Last month, I was supposed to move out to my new home and (you guessed it right) my first priority is to move my internet subscription to the new address. echoes: “I need this for my work.”


September 12, Monday – I have signed the papers. I am definitely moving out. I need to plan carefully what I’ll be doing for the following weeks.

September 15, Thursday – I’ve filed my leave for the last week of September, September 26 to 30 (5 days). I need to hire movers and get the lipat bahay sorted out within my leave. I figured out I also need 5 days for the transition of the internet connection, in case they f*cked up. Foresight, guys. So I thought.

September 22, Thursday – I called Bayantel twice this day to request for a change in location for my subscription. The first call they mentioned that they cannot process the request as I haven’t paid my bill for the month yet. I asked them if they could first take on my request, then I’ll pay the due amount within the day, then they could proceed after my payment reflected on their system. They are very strict about this and they declined. I asked then if it’s possible that they could hold on the line for about 10 min and I’ll pay the due amount online, they also declined it and mentioned that they only have 20 minutes. (So I guess this included the time I had to wait for them to accept my call?) Okay then, I told them I’ll pay then will call again later.

For my second call this day, I gave the CS rep a quick summary that it was my second call and I was asked to pay the due balance first before they can proceed accepting my request. She then checked that the payment has not yet been reflected and I asked if I can give them my request now and put it in queue while the system has not reflected my payment yet. She agreed. (Here I thought, what’s with the other guy declining to accept my request?) So then we proceeded. They mentioned that they need to have a day for the check-up of the new location if it is fit for their service. After the initial checkup, the transition and the installation of my connection to the new location will take about 3-5 days. I thought, “Perfect, the schedule fits for my leave next week.” And so we scheduled the initial checkup on the coming Saturday, September 24. I instructed them to contact me first as I am still at my old location and have to commute for about 20 min to the new location. They agreed. Schedule is set. So I thought.

September 24, Saturday – I’ve already prepared myself to commute and been waiting ‘til afternoon for their tech guys to contact me. I then decided to call them. Please note that I do not own the landline phone I’ve been using to contact them, I have to borrow it and someone is also using it for their work, with their permission of course. Waiting time for all the numbers you have to press and before a customer rep accepts your call is 15-40min. Just think about that for a second.

So I decided to call them. After reviewing my open request and telling them I haven’t received any messages yet from their technical team, the CS rep then said that my request was put on “delay” status because of the volume of location change requests. Wow. I’ve been waiting for hours and if I hadn’t reached out to them I would have waited for the whole day. I proceeded by asking them why I wasn’t notified that this has been put to a “delay” status atleast 24hrs before the set schedule or even on the day of the schedule for the initial checkup so I could have done something else on a Saturday. For someone fully-employed, a day from a weekend is of utter significance. I asked for an ETA but they could not give me one. I then again emphasized that the schedule is critical from my end as their service is my blood line for work and I filed 5 LEAVE DAYS for the transition. They apologized and then mentioned that they will also emphasize this on the report. I told them to get this rescheduled the next day, Sunday. Told them Monday would be the deadline for this to be sorted out.

Come Sunday – NOTHING.

September 26, Monday – Start of my leave. I waited til afternoon for someone to contact me. Called them and talked to a supervisor. I emphasize the importance of this request, even asked them if there’s an additional fee for this to be put to high priority and mentioned none. The supervisor, CJ, then promised he will handle this himself and contact me 15-30 min after the call. HE DID NOT.

September 28, Wednesday – Movers day. I have my movers scheduled in the afternoon while I’m still worried as I’ve consumed half of my leave and still no one from Bayantel contacted me. So I called them again around lunch time, waiting time and all, then repeated the same process. I’ve even memorized my account number already. They reviewed the request and when I ask them why no one is contacting me. First, they mentioned that there has been a “feedback” provided. The “feedback” is their term for a notification, a message, or response to a customer. *raised an eyebrow* I mentioned to them that I received no feedback. After that, the CS Rep then made an excuse about my number. Bayantel was acquired by Globe Telecom and my number is Smart. He mentioned that there was no contact because I’m using a Smart number. *raised both eyebrows* I then turn to my impatient tone. “If you have told me that I need to have a Globe number on my previous calls for someone on your end to contact me I would have done that.” I told him. He then cannot think of any other excuse and proceeded to apologize. I asked for an ETA and they still cannot provide. I understand this part as they could have no control with their tech team’s schedule. But the part that I am not getting any messages from them is totally unacceptable. After the call, I then diverted my attention to the lipat bahay. I’ve successfully moved most of my stuff to the new location. I left out the things I’ll be needing for work: desk, chair, water heater for my coffee, and necessities to be consumed for a week or two. My refrigerator has already been moved, though. So I have to eat whatever’s not needing the refrigerator. No cold water either. I’ve also prepped and extended my rent on my old location (where I initially planned to stay until the end of September) and adjusted to October 15th – to give buffer for Bayantel, in case the initial checkup will happen within this week. So I’m basically paying double rent.

Come Thursday – Still no contact.

September 23, Friday – Last day of my 5-day leave. I called them in the afternoon to ask for the status, since nobody’s contacting me. Same story, this time I’m really getting impatient as I’ve already consumed my leave and NO PROGRESS AT ALL FROM BAYANTEL. But then if you know me personally, my patience is the Great Wall of China and I’ve already crossed it. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED, BAYANTEL.

Come Saturday, Sunday – Ground control to Bayantel. Your customer care’s dead, there’s something wrong. Can you hear me Bayantel? Can you hear me Bayantel? Can you hear me Bayantel?

For here
Am I sitting in a tin can?
Far above the world
Planet Earth is blue
And there's nothing I can do

Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles
I'm feeling very pissed
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
Tell my work I love her very much 
she knows

Aand back to reality. Back to work and I’m still here at my old location. My things must be enjoying my new home.

I called them within the week to no avail. Ah, I’ve never been on a cup noodle-diet for a while.

October 6, Thursday – I reached out to them via Talk2Globe live chat.

Took about 40 min before some agent responded on the chat. Same story, CS rep reviewed my request, they told me they filed a report. How lengthy is this report gonna be? We’ll never know. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

After posting this tweet, they quickly responded on Twitter.

Had a few conversations via DM but then they have to ask me to repeat my concern TO REPEAT MY CONCERN even if I already provided the request reference ID. They stopped responding when the conversation grew longer because I’m already beyond impatient. After I’ve called them several times for weeks, and even asking me for my account number, don’t they tell me they do not have access to the request history and ask me to re-tell them a story.

A story that will torture your thoughts by day and poison your dreams by night.
And though I will do my best, 
There are no words that can be written 
Nor brush strokes laid on canvas
That can describe the stark and utter horror of the night that Bayantel died.
The emptiness will haunt you

I’ve already acted on my Plan B and submitted an online application to PLDT for their Home Fibr subscription.

Help me PLDT, you’re my only hope.

October 12, Wednesday – A customer representative from PLDT called me to process my Home Fibr application. You will never see a happier version of my face, ever.

Suck on this, Globe.


TL;DR: If you work from home, stay away from Bayantel or Globe.

Based from a true story. Happy Halloween.

UPDATE: Got my PLDT Home Fibr installed at the end of October. :) Also good to note that they are keen on following up and updating me of any changes I need to know. They would even call me whenever they receive payment and always ask me about my experience with their service.

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