web geekery & autodidactism


I’m Gian Faye, a web geek from the Philippines. I’ve been doing web design and development for 7 years and I’m currently focusing on front-end development and user experience design.


If you are interested to know more about my skills and the tools I use, contact me and I will send you my CV. My current expertise is on front-end development and UX. If you would read this article: The Front End Engineering Spectrum- The Three Generic Types of Front End Engineers I’d be 70% The Creative, 30% The Coder. I’m more avid to the markup and styling side of things but I can work with vanilla JS, jQuery, and REST APIs.

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Aside from web technologies, I am very interested in forensic science specializing in computer forensics, anything about InfoSec, the maker culture, and the Internet of Things. If I’m not tinkering stuff on the internet, I’ll probably be tinkering things IRL.