Animals on Twitter

Animals on Twitter

A humor piece of how Twitter would be if all users are animals

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April 30th, 2014 · 1 min read
Animals on Twitter

What if instead of us, animals took over the Twitterverse?

Is Nake @vain_sh3dder 19s “I just shed 30 yards of skin today! Can U believe it!? #workout #moulting @HissGym”

Beak Chic @itweetforfun0821 2m “Check out this new beakstick from @QUAC ‘tweet me softly’. SO. BEAKING. RAD. #makeupwh*re”

Neigh Bore @imnotaWhorse 8m “Want me to take you to the next town, sweeightie? #travel #vagabond #IllTakeYouAnywhere”

This IsDog @thisisdog 10m “Bones #givemeplz #illfetch4U @human”

Toad Williams @t0adtallyAwesome 32m “I’m going on the other side of the road any1 plz don’t kill me”

The King @ImMeowntJoking 48m “This is ‘the king’. I command you to bring sustainance at once or I shall not let you slumber. #royaltyrules”

Retweeted by This IsDog Human Lord @human 11h “First 10 dogs to bring me fetch and RT will win a week supply of a specially made rarebone. #giveaway #callingalldogs”

Kong @kingkongrealaccount 2d “Heart broken. Please come back to me my love #iloveu #imsorry”

Starr @high_five 2d “This puzzle’s no brainer http://pzzle.me/easy”

Rackoon @rac 3d “Why is everyone’s kitchen always empty!?!? Don’t you people go to groceries no more? I’m starving.”

Fill Et @perfect_fin 3d “Ugh, another fishery. Oh wait. NOOOOOOOOO Don’t fry m”

Vul Ture @waiting4U 4d “Guys guys guys, there’s a party right here at 502 Desert. Dance til u drop! ;) No need to bring food n booze ;)”

Parrot @parrot 2w “Compose new Tweet”

Ha. Instantly killed my boredom. Yes I’m a pun lord, bite me.


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