Eliminating All The Crap

Eliminating All The Crap

Thoughts about focusing about what really matters in this digital age amongst all ever-growing distractions.

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September 22nd, 2013 · 3 min read
Eliminating All The Crap

The video below is a talk by Brad Frost last April 2013 at a Creative Mornings event at Pittsburg.

The Singularity

Most talks I stumbled upon are fairly technical, but the statistics he showed got me instantly glued. I mean, every phrase you’d react like “Holy shit that is sooo true” and shake your head and be somehow thankful you were alive in this timeline of the graph. Well, actually not. The singularity is upon us, and so is crapularity.

Wild Realization

It has been on my mind lately… I’ve been thinking if there is a way I could avoid all the bullshit. To be frank, unless you isolate yourself on a four-walled room without any way out, it is impossible to elimite all the crap. It’s been following us wherever we go, whenever it is, whichever platform we are using.

Transpositioning Crap

I for once has self-proclaimed to stop patronizing any live tv shows and stop watching the telly in general. Those were the times I had converted myself to a total Internet techie. However, as seeing things now, even in YouTube you can’t avoid the annoyance anymore. I don’t even know why I keep seeing the same ads over and over and over again. It just doesn’t make any sense and it’s a total waste of time. Just like in the tv. There is crap, then there is repetitive crap.

Ads are Browser Germs

Never once had I participated in any web design/dev’t project where I have to place a section for ads. Hell, I know I’m not alone when I say most blogs out there contain ads in before and after the main content. It’s a disease. Aesthetic cancer. C’mon let’s be serious. Do you really think most ads you see on the sites you visit have been clicked even once? That’s why most of websites and blogs I often visit are those with only one or two columns and zero ads. It looks neat and it gives you more focus to the content rather than loading tons of different crap per web page. Please keep you websites germ-free. But I can say, 1 or 2 ads which blends well with the layout is acceptable, like those Carbon ads you see on some good tutorial articles. I guess you can call them good bacteria? Like those Lactobacilli shirota strain on Yakult.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

  • Leonardo da Vinci

Innovate to Crapulate

Since Google implemented the tabbed category on Gmail (Inbox, Promotions, Social, Updates, etc.) I’ve never had a zero inbox status. Why? Plainly because they added another section to manage and you have something to prioritize to empty (Inbox) which gets you to think that when you empty the Inbox, everything is clean unless you click the other tabs and unveil the horror. It’s a shit work, mostly if you always sort out your emails to folders, that you have to go visit another folder to transfer the contents to another folder, so you could empty that folder with another folder in line to empty.

No More Info, Please

On 2009, I named my blog Loading-Info because, mainly I was an IT student, and because I was too enthusiastic (and naive) and thought infinite information access is a nirvana. After years I then realized there are bad consequences. Like your hearing, too much noise could make your ears bleed until you can’t distinguish what’s music from what’s noise anymore. There are lots of services that helps you sort out what’s good from crap. Hint: not Facebook. But lots of services is still a problem need to be sorted out.


Well, I’ve had planned on creating this website via Jekyll since last year. I just had the right goals this month that’s why I started and finished it.

I wanted it to be done just so I could eliminate the online hubs I’m going to (or be needing to) visit (hopefully) in the near future. I’m pointing at you, Facebook. But since my phone is broken. (Which I’m quite enjoying for a while now.) I may need to find a way to not totally cut the cord with my connections. So maybe that’s why I decided I really needed to put up this website.

It would really help you focus on what matters if you don’t have access to lots of nonsense crap that is clouding the interwebs lately. Or better yet, create/do better things and overpower the 90% crap mentality.

Creation out of nothing. I often say that origami is as close as you can get to that. It’s a piece of paper. Beyond that, you don’t need anything else.


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