Hug A Developer Today

Hug A Developer Today

Thoughts about being a developer.

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September 19th, 2013 · 1 min read
Hug A Developer Today

I happen to chance running into this video from the WebGeekPH Facebook group.

Hug a developer today

A number of developers around the world could relate, not specifically with what they indicated on their boards, but you get the gist.

What we really need

Of course, it’s a video created for fun. But it tackles an important part on the developer workforce and how we wanted to be treated as a developer.

All I wanted was to get to my desk, code, and finish something.

I wish I could get every manager to read these books:

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

  • Albert Einstein

As most of the people didn’t know, programming is a creative endeavor. We are not automated machines, we are creative human beings who enjoy technical challenges and have bills to pay.

We need no hugs, we demand better treatment (and pay). No, we deserve them.

If you can’t provide them then you do not deserve us.


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