Penchant To Impress

Penchant To Impress

Most new hires have the penchant to impress their boss, and so they suggest all sorts of things.

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June 23rd, 2014 · 1 min read
Penchant To Impress

Most new hires have the penchant to impress their boss. You see this in every organization: They run around with a flag sticking to their head overflowing with passion and suggest things that are insubstantial and does not provide any value to the organization.

Regular employees may find this attitude a bit distracting. Why can’t they just do their job, as normal as a regular employee, without having to impress their boss? Well understandably, most new hires are subject to evaluation.

Having to impress your boss as your first task within the organization is going to be your next downfall. Your first task should be to observe how the organization works. Follow the work flow, where it leads to even the tiniest stream. By knowing the organization and the people within the organization you are saving yourself from being seen as that guy who just wants to impress his boss in disregard to his working environment and colleagues.


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