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PULP Magazine
Oct 2012
PULP Magazine
PULP Magazine Website

PULP Magazine is the premier music publication in the Philippines since 1999, owned by The Fookien Times Yearbook Publishing Co.

The Site

The website serves as a preview portal of the latest published issue and as a wayback machine, which provides information of their back issues. We built a custom CMS and features different sections (e.g. News, Blog, Column, Reviews) to publish different types of content which is all managed through an admin panel we also developed in PHP/MySQL.

PULP Magazine Live

We also spiced it with a helpful locator widget called “Where to buy PULP?” where visitors can search which stores they can get a grab on the latest issue of PULP Magazine.

PULP Magazine Live


  • Custom CMS co-developed with John Louie Vera
  • Supported by interns Jeniffer Arroyo and Carlo Villoria
  • Web design, frontend development and deployment by me

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