"The Queen's Corgi" Movie Premiere

Launched for The Queen's Corgi movie premiere campaign distributed by Go Asia Entertainment to Philippine cinemas on May 2019

Landing Page
Go Asia Entertainment
Apr 2019
"The Queen's Corgi" Movie Premiere
The Queen's Corgi Landing Page

The Queen’s Corgi is a film about the adventure of Rex, the British monarch’s most beloved dog, in his epic journey to fall in love and discover his true self. The Queen’s Corgi is distrubuted by Go Asia Entertainment to Philippine cinemas on May 2019.

The landing page is launched for The Queen’s Corgi movie premiere. It is a one-page layout with anchor links to sections and features video trailers, movie summary, poster gallery, and a countdown to the premiere date that turns into a Buy Tickets button on the showing date in cinemas.

The Queen's Corgi on mobile
The Queen's Corgi landing page on mobile

You can visit the page at www. goasiaentertainment.com/the-queens-corgi.


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